Thursday, January 30, 2014

Astra's Mind Teaser

Shasta is taking the day week off so Omar and Astra are taking over the blog this week. Astra has decided to give you another quiz to keep your mind and strong and active. Here is your question.

What can run but never walks, has a mouth but never talks, has a head but never weeps, has a bed but never sleeps? 
Post your answer in the comments below. Omar will be watching and waiting!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Meet the Fairy ~ Gump: The Dwarf

Hello! Shasta here! What day is it? No not hump day, it is Gump Day!
On this Meet the Fairy Wednesday, you are in for a special treat. 
My good friend 
Gump: The Dwarf is here.
 I am sure since all of you are 
familiar with dwarfs from your Snow White movie that you have some awesome questions for him so let's get started.

Shasta ~ Hi Gump. We are going to have so much fun with this interview. Thank you for coming.

Gump ~ Hi Ho there Shasta. Yes, we are. I can't wait to see what your mortal audience wants to ask me. So, what do you say, let's get started.

Shasta ~ Just like a dwarf, right down to business. Okay. Do you look like the dwarfs in the movie?

Gump ~ Well sort of, you know not all dwarfs look alike. Just like mortals we are all different. Our average height is about four foot which works well for us since we work in mines. Our arms and legs are very muscular because of the work we do. Making magical weapons takes a great amount of power and skill. Our clothing is simple, a jacket to keep us warm, comfortable pants and a magical cap to protect our heads from falling rocks. We don't need much more than that.

Shasta ~ Well that sounds very practical. It would be hard to work in a cave all dressed up. I myself prefer comfort also. Now your next question.
The mortals would like to know how you make your magical weapons?

Gump ~ Each dwarf has a special skill. Some of us work with the metals of the ground, others with the precious and semi-precious stones that we mine. The songs we sing while we work plant the magic into each piece. We really never know until the weapon is finished, what magic it will possess or how powerful it will be. After each weapon is completed it is our duty to make sure it is guarded well and kept out of the wrong hands.

Shasta ~ So that is why you sing and whistle while you work. I always wondered about that. That is so cool!

Gump ~ It also helps make the day go by faster, we love our work, but also enjoy our time off to eat, drink and be merry.

Shasta ~  Another party in Fey. We do know how to have fun here. LOL. Now here is your final question. Is it true that if you go out into the daylight you will turn into a toad.

Gump ~ Ho, ho, no. That is ridiculous. It is witches that turn into toads and they only do it when they want to. That way they can give mortals warts and blame it on the innocent toad. We do use toads as our messengers though, so maybe that is where the misunderstanding occurred. You see, toads 
live as we do. They burrow into the ground and also live on top, so they are the perfect way for us to send messages back and forth.

Shasta ~ That is amazing! I have learned so much from our little chat and I'm sure that our mortal audience has too. Thank you so much, Gump for sharing your knowledge with us today. 

Gump ~ You are quite welcome, my dear. I had a jolly good time. Now, back to work.

Shasta ~ There he goes, sinking right into the floor. I never get used to seeing him pass through the soil just like we do through air. It is awesome. 
Our time is up. Remember, if you have any questions for Gump just place them in the comments below. Bye, bye until next time and remember we are always having Fun in Fey, so come visit us often.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Meet the Fairy ~ Utopia: The Queen of the Tuatha De Danann

Hiddy Hi! It is me, Shasta! I am so nervous. On this week's Meet The Fairy, I get to interview a Fairy Queen! Yes! Queen Utopia has agreed to be interviewed today. She is so smart and gorgeous and magical and Here She Is! I see her spinning green and golden lights swirling in the doorway.

Shasta ~ Hello your Majesty, welcome to my blog. I hope you had a pleasant journey.

Utopia ~ Hello, Shasta. It was very pleasant, and please call me Utopia. We don't need to be so formal. I am here to have a nice, relaxed chat with your mortal friends.

Shasta ~ You are too kind, your Maj... Utopia. It was so good of you to come.

Utopia ~ I was happy to be invited. I have always loved mortals and the way they think. Now, I am ready to get started.

Shasta ~ Alright, here is your first question. The mortals would like to know all about your fairy troop.

Utopia ~  My troop is known as the Tuatha De Danann (Tootha day danan). Our name derives from the goddess Danu - The Mother Goddess whose divine waters give all life. Our power is great, for we possess many magic talisman. 
We are one of the oldest fairy troops in Fey.

Shasta ~ So how long has your fairy troop been around?

Utopia ~ Since before the keeping of time.

Shasta ~ Wow, I can't even imagine how long that would be. What role do you play in Fey?

Utopia ~ We are one of the strongest Fey fairy families. We try to keep order amongst the other fairies and keep the dark Fey at bay. We do not use our powers on others unless it is needed. For the most part, we try to keep Fey happy and carefree.

Shasta ~ I have heard of all of the fabulous parties your troop has arranged. I will have to attend one sometime.

Utopia ~  Yes, you should. We are quite proud of our parties and everyone is invited, even mortals.

Shasta ~ Oh, my. The mortals are saying that they are afraid to go to your parties for fear that they would not be allowed to return to mortal ground.

Utopia ~ That is just plain silly. But then again, who would want to return to mortal ground after seeing the wonders of our fabulous Fairyland? Their own minds would trap them here, not us.

Shasta ~ I can see your point. They are ready to slip away from this topic. It still scares them a little bit. Now they would like to know what you look like?

Utopia ~ That depends on what I want to look like, but my true form is that of the fairy queen.  My hair is golden and I usually wear it down around my face. My eyes are emerald and my gown is green silk and covered with dancing yellow and green lights, which swirled around me constantly. I wear a small crown adorned with a giant emerald. I am petite, but  definitely not delicate.

Shasta ~ You are truly beautiful. 

Utopia ~ Why, thank you, my dear.

Shasta ~ My mortal audience has one last question for you. They would like to know why the fairy counsel picked Katie, Billy, Donnie and Ariel to be the Chosen Ones? 

Utopia ~ Well, I really wish I could tell them, but that would make me a spoiler and I never want to be called that. They will just have to read the book to find the answer they seek.

Shasta ~ I knew they couldn't trick you into telling them that. You are much too wise. Is there anything you would like to tell our mortal fans before you go?

Utopia ~ Yes. All of you will really enjoy reading about our land in The McCory Chronicles: Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth. And there is so much more for you to learn about us in C.L. Collar's next book. It is very exciting!
Now, I must take my leave. "By the Tuatha De Danann, By the star, moon, sun and land, with the power of the night, I go to party through the night!  Evah Htiaf Ni Yef!”

Shasta ~ Wow, she certainly knows how to make an exit. I think after we sign off I will go and join the party. You know the drill. If you have any questions for Utopia, just post them in the comments below. Until next Wednesday we will be as always Having Fun in Fey! You can come join us if you dare. LOL.



Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Meet the Fairy ~ Frey: The Fox Fairy

Shasta here with a brand spankin' new Interview! 
Today we are going to meet 
one of the most elusive fairies in Fey. Most fairies don't even get to see these exotic beings, but since Frey played such an important part in our book he has been nice enough to stop by for a short visit.
Here he is Frey, The Fox Fairy. 

Frey ~ And a very hearty hello to you, Miss Shasta. How are you this fine day?

Shasta ~ I am splendid, Frey and so delighted that you agreed to meet with me and answer some questions for our mortal audience.  

Frey ~ I understand the meaning of curiosity quite well. It is an important asset to anyone's personality, be they mortal or Fey, so that being said, just what would your mortal audience like to know about me?

Shasta ~ Okay, Frey. The first question on their list is what do you look like?

Frey ~ Well, let's see. Hummm. I guess the best way to describe me, that mortals might understand, is that I resemble a Fox. I have a long snout, and pointy ears, only mine are much larger than the fox in their realm. My hair is golden in color and grows erratically on my body. My hands have long fingers with glowing tips and I am about the size of one of their wolves. 

Shasta ~ Yes, I would say that describes you quite well, Frey. Next they would like to know just how your magic works.

Frey ~ I possess the magic of stealth and light. I can go unnoticed by many and my hearing is exceptional. I also have a keen sense of smell and sight. I travel by firefly light which is both silent and swift. 

Shasta ~ That is fascinating, Frey! They are all interested in the firefly light. They would like to know just how this works.

Frey ~ Hee, hee, hee. I see. They are curious little creatures aren't they? I guess the best way to explain it would be to have them go out into the woods and watch the fireflies. One minute the fireflies are there, all around you, and the next instant they are gone. Just like magic. 

Shasta ~ That sounds like fun, Frey. Who wouldn't want to take a little trip into the forest to watch the fireflies? 

Frey ~ Indeed. The forest is very lovely at night. 

Shasta ~ One last question before we close. What was your role in helping Katie, Billy and their friends with their quest?  

Frey ~ I, of course, was their undercover agent. My job was to gather information about Bracca and Nicnivia and relay it back to the chosen ones. It was a very dangerous and difficult job, but it was my duty and I did it proudly. 

Shasta ~ You are such a brave soul, Frey. Thank you so much for coming to visit with us. Are you going to leave by firefly light?

Frey ~ My dear, it is the only way I travel. Adieu...

Shasta There he goes in a flutter of twinkles. I wish I could travel like that. Now remember if you have any other questions for Frey just post them in the comments below and I will try my best to locate him to answer them.

Our time again has come to a close. I hope to see you next Wednesday for our next Meet the Fairy Interview. 

Ta Ta for Now! 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Meet the Fairy ~ Blaze

Hello! It is a new year and with it a new Wednesday Meet the Fairy!
Today we are going to meet Blaze, the Sun Fairy.

He has been waiting for you and keeping my blog warm on this cold chilly day.
He is kind of handy to have around, not to mention that fantastic brilliant smile of his.
I can see all of you mortals girls out there getting all a fluster, and I must say I can't blame you.

Now let's start our interview. 

Shasta ~ Hello Blaze, are you ready to answer some questions from your adoring mortal audience? 

Blaze ~You flatter me, Shasta. I am sure these mortals girls all have wonderful boyfriends to keep them happy, but I am always available to warm their hearts if it is needed. A nice walk in the sunshine always helps heal the heart and yes I am more than ready to answer any of their questions.

Shasta ~ All Right, let's get started. Here is your first question. The mortals would like to know just what a Sun Fairy does?

Blaze ~ Well we do a lot of things. Our biggest job is to keep time running smoothly by keeping the sun on track.  The oldest Sun Fairy is in charge of this important duty. He trains all of the young Sun Fairies and makes sure everyone does their job. All Sun Fairies are required to take this training.

Shasta ~ Wow that sounds like a very important and difficult job. Do you help keep the sun on track?

Blaze ~ Not unless there is an emergency. Each Sun Fairy must devote their days to taking care of the sun until the sun has traveled through the sky one hundred Fey years. Then we are released from our post to do whatever it is we like best.

Shasta ~ My, that is a very long time. The mortals would like to know what you have chosen to do.

Blaze ~ I have chosen to be one of the caretakers of the Fey. I look for any problems that lurk in the realm and do my best to solve them.

Shasta ~ And just how do you solve them? What magic do you use?

Blaze ~ I use the magic of the sun. If something bad is trying to run away from me, I set  my blaze on high and make it too hot for him to run away. If the culprit can stand the heat then I do the opposite and hide the sun until it is freezing and so dark that eyes cannot see. These are just a few of my powers. They are the ones that we use most.

Shasta ~ My that is very powerful magic. What else do you do in Fey?

Blaze ~ I keep close contact with all of the nature fairies. They let me know when they need a bit more sunshine to perk up their plants or a little less to keep them from drying out. The Druids also keep me posted as to the welfare of Fey. We all work together to keep nature beautiful and prosperous. 

Shasta ~ That is a very important job and there are soo many forest in Fey. I am sure your mission keeps you busy most of the time.

Blaze ~ It really isn't that hard. Most of the time things run nicely and I find I have plenty of time to gaze in on mortals and watch them enjoying our work. It is very fulfilling. 

Shasta ~ Did you hear that girls? Blaze has been checking all of you out. Ha, ha ha. I swear, Blaze, stop blushing, you are making it as hot as Hades in here. 

Blaze ~ I am not blushing, Shasta. I am merely basking in the glow of their love. Now I really must be on my way. I have really enjoyed my chat with all of you lovely young ladies. Just remember to keep those beautiful smiles on your faces and all will be well, because each mortal smile is filled with sunshine.

Shasta ~ Oh Blaze, you are such a sweetie. Thank you so much for stopping by. I do believe your sunbeam is here awaiting your departure. 

Blaze ~ Good bye to all. I will see you in the morning dew.

Shasta ~ Wasn't he just the best guest ever? If you have any questions for Blaze, I am sure he will be more than pleased to answer them for you. You can just post them in the comments below. 

And remember to come visit us often. We are always Having Fun in Fey!