Thursday, June 11, 2015

Katie McCory & Destiny's Diamond

 Hello ~
I have been working very hard on the second book in the McCory Chronicles. Here is a little sneak peek for all of my followers.

"Oh dear, oh dear. I'm afraid I have come too late."

            Katie had somehow managed to fall asleep while reading a book of banishing spells. The woman's voice that woke her was hauntingly lovely. It was filled with knowing yet wonder, all at the same time. Katie cautiously opened her eyes. Inside her head she recited one of her newly acquired hexes. She would not be taken by surprise again.

            The woman pacing at the foot of her bed was tall and thin. Her indigo hair was swept up into a mass of curls on the top of her head. Its beautiful blend of violet and midnight blue took Katie's breath away. A dazzling array of diamonds woven into the indigo curls sparkled like stars in a sky of midnight blue. The fairy's dress reminded Katie of the ancient robes of Greece. It was a slightly lighter shade of blue than her hair and wound loosely around her slender body. A black velvet pouch attached to a silver and diamond braid bounced on her hip. The fairy woman wrung her delicate ivory hands as she paced causing a cloud of diamond dust to float to the floor. 

            "I should have known he would send a Nipper to harvest the blood. I should have figured out sooner what his real plan was. Oh my, because of my neglect and carelessness many humans will suffer, and this dear girl most of all." The elegant woman dropped into an overstuffed chair in the corner of the room and started weeping.

            Katie slowly slipped out of bed. She didn't want to startle the distraught fairy, but she had to find out what she was rambling about and what she knew about the giant bug that had tried to get her blood. What had she called it? A Nipper? She was about to speak to the woman when a puff of brown smoke billowed up in front of her, sending her scurrying back under her sheets.
If you haven't read the first book in this series 
The McCory Chronicles: Katie McCory and The Dagger of Truth
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A mysterious golden chest in Grams’ attic, a stained-glass window that never ages, and a strange dream. What do these three things have in common? MAGIC. This magic sends twins, Katie and Billy, and their two best friends on a quest into Fey in pursuit of a stolen talisman, The Dagger of Truth. In the hands of dark magic, this mighty talisman can be transformed into The Dagger of Malice and possess the power to destroy both Fey and mortal Earth. The friends are guided on their mission by four good fairies, a Brownie, Sun Fairy, Sphinx, and The Green Lady. Armed with magical weapons, gifted from the Dwarfs, they go in pursuit of the thief, a Soul Shrinker, and his mother the Queen of the Dark Fairies. Come along for the ride as “The Chosen Ones” step into an exotic land full of danger, magic and mystery.