Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Contest Time!

Guess what everyone! It is time to play THE KATIE EXCERPT GAME! For the last month I have posted Scary Excerpts from THE McCORY CHRONICLES: KATIE McCORY AND THE DAGGER OF TRUTH.
Here is your question:
What sound caused the children in the attic to become transfixed on Halloween Night?
The contest will end at midnight Halloween Night.
Everyone who post the right answer will be put in a drawing for these Beautiful, Magical, Tarot Cards!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Katie Excerpt (The Valley of The Cursed)

Hello! Here is another  excerpt from The McCory Chronicles: Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth ~ This one sends shivers down my spine....

 The group huddled closer together. All of their inner spirits were warning them that danger was unavoidable. None of them had noticed a dark shadow which had been following them since the tunnel opening. It had slithered on the walls and ceiling, hidden in the cracks and corners, and now crept behind them on the dusty floor, blending in with their own shadows. Slowly, it crept under their feet. It reached Katie and started up her leg but sensing The Dagger of Justice in her robe, it dove deep into the ground. It surfaced again under Ariel and smiled to itself. Yes, this one would do, it thought. The dark being slowly reached up and grabbed Ariel’s heart. Ariel gasped and fell to the ground.

            “Ariel!” cried Katie, falling to her knees beside her friend. “What’s wrong?”

            Ariel couldn’t speak. Her hands were as cold as ice, and her skin was starting to turn gray. She clutched her chest holding Omar’s feather in her hand. Her eyes were vacant, lifeless. She stared into the darkness in some kind of trance.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Scary October (Excerpt 3)

It is that spooky day again, Spooky Wednesday! This week's excerpt from Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth is not only scary but quite smelly also, so you might want to hold your nose while reading this one.

Billy stepped up to the rock. “After fighting that Raven, I am ready for anything,” he said.
            He stepped onto the rock and found himself facing an enormous green egg. It reeked with the smell of rot. He pinched his nose shut and walked toward the egg to examine it more closely. The egg began to crack and shake, then it exploded. Large pieces of shell flew to the ground. Billy dodged, barely avoiding getting clobbered by an extremely slimy piece. Next, a grotesque monster emerged from the shell. Its body was scaly, green and yellow, and oozed with a brown, repugnant fluid. It had small horns sprouting from its head and a large, gruesome nose with boogers dangling from the nostrils. Its eyes were bloodshot, red, and narrow. The monster’s hands were bird -like with long sharp claws protruding from the ends. Its legs were short and stout with feet resembling a lizard’s. It spit rancid meat from its mouth at Billy.
            “What are you supposed to be?” asked Billy, gagging at the putrid smell.
            The monster didn’t answer. It glared at Billy and threw a spitball of rotten fluid in his direction. 
 Written By: C.L.Collar

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Scary October (Excerpt 2)

Scary October Excerpt #2
From Katie McCory and The Dagger of Truth

Katie drew her dagger and ducked into the hole Donnie had made in the bushes. She could barely see the path he had cut with his sword. Vicious vines and barbed bushes were growing rapidly. She had to hurry, or the forest would soon swallow up his trail. She worked her way down the path, using her dagger to cut the forest as it grew before her. Finally, she came to a small clearing. A milk-white horse nickered by a small pond. Its ears were red, plainly marking it as a fairy animal. It raised its head and stared at Katie with piercing, red eyes.

“Donnie, are you here?” yelled Katie. “Elder said you were in danger. Tell me where you are.” 

Katie heard a trill of laughter from the trees, just beyond the horse. She saw a flash of red hair darting through the bushes and then spied Donnie following the spirit. As she started toward the trees, the fairy horse put back her ears, flared her nostrils, and stomped the ground. 

Katie grasped her dagger and faced the angry animal. The horse reared high, its powerful hooves pawing at Katie. Katie fell backward, hitting the ground hard. The horse was right above her, its eyes and nostrils flaring. It reared again, its bright eyes burning red. Katie saw sharp hooves coming toward her and raised shaking hands to protect her face.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Scary October! (Excerpt 1)

Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth
                                       Scary Excerpt (1)

“Donnie, are you possessed? You’re being awful quiet.” Katie chided.

            Donnie didn’t move.  Katie looked closer.  “Surely you aren’t mad about the cards are you? If you are, you can just get over it.  No one played any joke on you. It was probably one of Great Grandpa’s tricks. I found those cards up here in the attic, and it sounds just like something he would do.”

            Donnie still didn’t respond. Katie shoved her chair away from the table and stomped over to Donnie’s seat. She had her hands on her hips and was about to give him a good chewing out when she heard Grams’s grandfather clock strike the last dong of midnight. Oh! No!  She had completely forgotten about the chest. She stopped suddenly and looked at Donnie’s face. His charcoal eyes were staring at something. Katie followed their path to the octagon window. There she gasped in disbelief. The window had come to life. The green knight had turned to face them.  He was pointing his lance directly at the ancient chest, and his horse’s eyes were blazing red. The blue blanket flew into the corner of the room. The lance encompassed the chest with a golden ray, giving it a lustrous radiance. Ariel and Billy were also staring at the sight. Katie yelled at them to follow her downstairs. They all continued to stare at the chest. She grabbed Donnie’s arm and pleaded for him to follow her downstairs, but Donnie didn’t budge.  She ran to Billy and Ariel and tried to push them toward the door. It was as if their feet were cemented to the attic floor. Then looking at their transfixed eyes, Katie realized it was too late. They were all doomed.