Saturday, December 28, 2013

Welcome to "Meet The Fairy!" (Luna)

"Hello everyone! I am reposting the first Meet the Fairy Interview for our new fans that got their free e-book of The McCory Chronicles: Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth. You can see all of our meet the Fairy Interviews by clicking on the Meet the Fairy Tab in the menu bar. More interviews will be coming with the new year!

Our first guest is a very special fairy. She is well known in dreamland and has often aided The Sandman with his work. Without further delay please welcome Luna, The Moon Fairy, to our blog.

Shasta ~ "Hello Luna, we are so pleased to have you as a guest on our blog.

Luna ~ "I am very happy to be here Shasta. I really enjoy interacting with mortals. You know my daughter Arial lived amongst them for a very long time."

Shasta ~ "Yes, Luna, I have heard Arial's story, but we would like to know a little bit more about you. One of the questions I am being asked is what do you look like?"

Luna ~ "Well, I am a  petite, delicate looking fairy. I usually wear a shimmering silver gown made out of moonlight, but sometimes, I must confess, I like to wear midnight blue. It brings out the starlight in my eyes. I have lovely iridescent blue wings that aid me in my visits to mortal grounds. My hair is long and ebony in color. I have a very pale complexion. I am afraid moonlight does not give you a very good tan."  

Shasta~ "I think your pale skin looks gorgeous against your black hair. Tans are highly overrated.  Now let's get on to your next question. Mortals are very inquisitive creatures. Can you tell them how your magic works?

Luna ~ " It is really very simple. Moon Fairies glide on moonbeams into the dreams of mortals. Once there we can do many things. We can put suggestions into their heads, or we can give them intuitive dreams. We are the messengers of Fey."

Shasta ~ " That sounds so cool! Do the mortals have to be in their beds for you to come visit them?"

Luna ~ " Oh, my, no. They only have to be asleep. Sometimes if I have a very important message to deliver, I ask for the assistance of a Sandman. They are such lovely creatures and are always ready to give aid."

Shasta ~ I have heard that you travel with a companion. Can you tell us a little about her?"

Luna ~ You must be talking about my little sliver bird, Chipper. She is such a delightful little critter, but a little independent. Sometimes when I need her she tweets me several times before she comes to see if it is absolutely necessary."

Shasta ~ "Well all things Fey are a little independent, so we can't fault her for that. Do all fairies have animal helpers?"

Luna ~ "No, not really. The Fey animal is usually the one to form the bond, but once it is set, it is there for life. Which as you know in Fey is a very long time."

Shasta ~ " I am so happy you stopped by to visit with us. Luna. Would you be willing to answer any questions that our mortal visitors might have?"

Luna ~ " I was glad to stop by. It has been fun and yes, if I know the answer, I would be glad to answer their questions. 
Thank you for having me as your guest."

Shasta ~ "You have now met the first fairy that Katie visited with in Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth. Wasn't she wonderful? If you have any further questions for Luna just post them in the comments below and I will get them to her. 

I leave you now with Fairy Blessings ~"

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Great Gift for the Holidays!

The McCory Chronicles:
Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth  

A mysterious golden chest in Grams’s attic, a stained-glass window that never ages, and a strange dream. What do these three things have in common? MAGIC. This magic sends twins, Katie and Billy, and their two best friends on a quest into Fey in pursuit of a stolen talisman, The Dagger of Truth. In the hands of dark magic, this mighty talisman can be transformed into The Dagger of Malice and possess the power to destroy both Fey and mortal Earth. The friends are guided on their mission by four good fairies, a Brownie, Sun Fairy, Sphinx, and The Green Lady. Armed with magical weapons, gifted from the Dwarfs, they go in pursuit of the thief, a Soul Shrinker, and his mother the Queen of the Dark Fairies. Come along for the ride as “The Chosen Ones” step into an exotic land full of danger, magic and mystery.

You can purchase
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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Astra's Answer

Hi Everyone! How was your week? Mine was awesome! I got to visit with Katie while we waited for your answer to Astra's Riddle. We had sooo much fun!

I bet you want to know if you got the answer right. Well the answer to the question 
Where can you find an ocean without any water in it is ON A MAP!

I will be gone for the rest of the month, but when I came back I will have something NEW up on our blog for you! 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Astras Mind Teaser

Hello! I am back with a new game for you. Astra enjoyed the trivia game soo much that she decided to have a riddle game this month.
In this game Astra will ask a riddle and you will have to figure out the answer.

And this time Katie is bringing the questions in from Astra. Here is Katie now with your first riddle ~

Q: Where can you find an ocean without any water?

If you know the answer ~ post it in the comments below.
Good Luck!!!!