Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Meet The Fairy (Astra & Omar)

Hi there all of you special people out in Mortal Land! 
It is Wednesday and I am back with another episode of Meet The Fairy.

Today we have the privilege to meet Astra. Astra is a Sphinx and belongs to one of the oldest families of Fey and as a special treat her old friend Omar has generously decided to come with her.

Here they are, Astra, The Sphinx, and her every knowing friend Owl, Omar!

Astra ~ My my my this is so exciting! Omar and I are so anxious to have our visit with the mortal ones. Hello everyone, may you be blessed with the knowledge which comes before you.

Shasta ~ Oh Astra, just like you to start off the interview with a riddle. Now you will have everyone wondering what in the world you were talking about. lol

Astra ~ It is very simple; I have blessed them all with the knowledge of their ancestors.

Now I am ready to answer any questions they may have.

Shasta ~ Okay. Here is your first question. The Mortals would like to know just what a Sphinx is.

Astra ~ Sphinx are seers. We see into the future. We also see inside the soul and what needs to be altered to make that being's life more meaningful. We are the questions you hear in your head when a problem needs to be solved.

Shasta ~ That sounds very mysterious. How do you help someone alter their life?

Astra ~ We, Sphinx will always answer the questions that hold captive your mind, but we will answer them in our own time and in our own way. Usually the way is in the form of a riddle, rhyme or simple test of intuition. For knowledge can only be gained through valiant effort.

Shasta ~ So, the way you help is to make beings think out their problem. Is that correct?

Omar ~ Hoot! Hoot! Hooo Hoot Hoot.

Astra ~ Omar says, yes you are right, but in order to do this each being must learn to listen to and trust it's Spirit which lives Within.

Shasta ~ What do you mean? What Spirit that lives Within?

Omar ~ Hoot Hooo Hooot?

Astra ~ Omar cannot believe that you do not know of this spirit, Shasta. He thought every Fey being knew of it. The Spirit which dwells within is the one mortals refer to as intuition. They acknowledge it in there animal beings, but forget that they are of the same family and therefore posses it also.

Shasta ~ Wow, I never knew that mortals and their animals were from the same family. Our audience never told me that. Shame on you mortals. lol.  But seriously, Astra, you cannot place a human in the same family as a, well let's say a mouse for instance.

Astra ~ In this respect yes I can, for a mouse has the same inner spirit as a mortal human. He just listens to his more often. That is how he knows when to run away and when it is safe for him to stay and feed.

Shasta ~ Well, we will let the mortals all dwell on that little piece of information while we find out a little more about you. Can you tell the mortals what you look like? They are very confused on this matter.

Astra ~ As well they should be, because we take on many forms. We were fond of the body of a lion with a human head form in ancient Egypt, but that died out with the fall of the empire. Later we decided that form was much too intimidating to mortals so we decided that each of us would chose our own shape and form.

Shasta ~ Can you tell our audience what form you decided to take and why you have chosen this form.

Astra ~ I have chosen my legs to be those of the deer for they are sure and fast when flight is needed. My head and rest of my body are those of a woman, which is the symbol of renewal and birth. I embrace the long tail of the lion for balance and take on the wings of the eagle for strength. A crown of many colored lights encircles my head to keep it every clear yet ever wondering.

Shasta ~ It sounds like you have thought of everything. How clever of you. Okay, one last question before I let you and Omar go. What was the question the first Sphinx asked before allowing passage into her temple?

Astra ~ It is a very easy, yet hard question. Here it is "Which creature has one voice and yet becomes four-footed and two-footed and three-footed?"

Shasta ~ And the answer is?

Astra ~ We will let our very intelligent audience find the answer on their own. I do think that would be better, do not you?

Shasta ~ Okay, sounds good to me. Let's make a game out of it. If you know the answer to the Sphinx's riddle please post it in the comments below. Everyone with the right answer will get put in a drawing for a very special gift from the Sphinx herself. The game will end next Tuesday Night at Midnight!

Astra ~ Excellent! Omar and I will go in search of a prize everyone will enjoy.

Omar~ Hoot! Hoot!

Shasta ~ Thank you both so much for coming and a big thank you to each of you wonderful mortals out there for joining us for this interview. Don't forget to answer the Sphinx's question. Here it is again ~

"Which creature has one voice and yet becomes four-footed and two-footed and three-footed?"

I can't wait to see your answers!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Meet The Fairy (Willowood)

Hello everyone out there in Mortal Land!

It is Wednesday and you know what that means! It means it is time to Meet The fairy!

Today we are going to meet a very illusive fairy. She is very shy and very claustrophobic, so instead of doing her interview here in my office, we are going to meet her in her forest.
You all are in for a real treat. Today you get to meet Willowood ~ The Green Lady of the Forest.

Willowood has a place all set up for us in this clearing. Just pull up a log and make yourself comfortable. I see her coming now. She is in her squirrel form right now, but she will transform into her elegant self before the interview.

Shasta ~ Hello Willowood. How are you this fine day? Oh now don't be shy. These nice mortals just want to learn a little more about you and your forest magic. Come on, shift shape for me please.

Willowood ~ Alright, but let's make this as short as possible. I really do not like all of this attention directed at me. I do appreciate you coming to my forest to do this interview. I would never have been able to endure being stuck inside with all those walls around me.

Shasta ~ No problem at all, Willowood. It was nice of you to invite us into your realm. It is so beautiful here.

Willowood ~ It is, isn't it. Nothing is as nice as being out in nature amongst all her beauty and animals. Now what is it that you want to know?

Shasta ~ Okay, let's get started. First the mortals want to know what you look like.

Willowood ~ Well, most of the time I look like I do now. I am tall and thin, with green skin and wild and carefree dark green hair. I usually adorn it with berries and twigs from my forest. My dress is formed from all of the leaves in my realm and changes as they do through the seasons. We celebrate every season except winter. Winter is not allowed in my realm.

Shasta ~ I don't think the mortals know that winter is not allowed in very many of the realms in Fey. They cannot control the weather, so they have to endure the cold, whether they like it or not.

Willowood ~ That is so sad. I could not bear to see the dying of my gorgeous trees and bushes, not to mention the hardship that would be placed on my wonderful woodland creatures. I am so sorry they have to endure this harsh season.

Shasta ~ It is okay, Willowood. They are mortals and know how to adapt and even enjoy the cold weather. Now our next question. They would like to know why you shape shift?

Willowood ~ Well, that is quite simple. I can travel through the forest more quickly as a squirrel. It is also a very good way to keep out of sight of anyone who wishes to do me harm. I love my squirrel form. It brings me closer to the animals in my realm.

Shasta ~ That is a very good point. I never thought of that. But can't you just disappear and travel by air like most fairies do? 

Willowood ~ Oh, no. I am a land spirit. I must always have at least on paw or foot on something that is connected to the ground. The soil is my life source.

Shasta ~ I see. That does make sense. Can you tell our inquisitive audience out there in Blogland how your magic works?

Willowood ~Hmmm. Let's see, my magic is drawn from the forest. I can command anything in my forest to do my bidding, but that is not ever needed. I take care of all of the trees, animals and anything else that lives in my realm, so they naturally come to my aid whenever it is needed. The Druids use my trees to pass information all around Fey. They are my closest friends. 

Shasta ~ So how would this magic be used?

Willowood ~ When the forest is brought to life, it can be a very ominous place to be. The trees and vines can trip or capture you. The rivers and streams can overflow and swallow you up. All of the animals can come together to capture you and keep you contained until your fate has been decided. This is where the old saying that mortals know too well comes from, It is Not Wise to try to Fool Mother Nature. But my forest can be very helpful to those who are true of heart.

Shasta ~ How is this so?

Willowood ~  My forest contains many helpful fairies such as Nymphs, Oakmen and Water Sprites. Their magic can heal wounds, and clear paths for those they want to help. Also, many fruits and berries of my realm carry magical powers. You just have to know which ones are good and which ones are not. Some of my berries even choose who they deem worthy of their powers, by killing those who they do not like and giving their gift of magic to those they do. The forest is a very complicated place to live.

Shasta ~ That is very interesting and a little scary. The mortals don't think it is a place they would like to visit.

Willowood ~ They would be fine as long as they learned to talk to the trees through their Druids. The Druids are very old and very wise. They know every secret the forest has. 

Shasta~ But how does a mortal learn to talk to a druid, Willowwood?

Willowood ~ I am so sorry, but I have to go now. The rabbits are calling for my help. It is probably another one of those ugly, nasty goblins trying to catch them for his dinner. Just wait till I get my hands on him. I will send him so far into the desert, he won't ever find his way out.

Shasta ~ But, Willowood, the mortals need to know how to talk to the Druids.

Willowood ~ Tell them to read the book 'The McCory Chronicles ~ Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth. It is all explained in there. I really must go. 

Shasta ~ Bye, Willowood. Thanks for the interview. We all hope your sweet little bunnies are safe. My, you do travel fast as a squirrel.

Well, that was quite exciting. I sure hope that she makes it there in time. Wasn't that a fun interview? If you have any questions for Willowood that we didn't answer here just post them in the comments below and I will do my best to get you your answers. Right now I think I will try to follow her and see what happens. TTFN

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Meet The Fairy (Jackel)

Meet The Fairy
Whoo Hooo! It is time to meet another fairy from The McCory Chronicles ~ Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth.  This fairy tries to act mean and tough, but he is really as cuddly has a little ol' teddy bear. So now without further ado ~ Herrre's Jackel.

Shasta ~ Hi Jackel. It is so good to see you again. Thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview.

Jackel ~ It's good to see you too, Shasta. No problem at all. Now where is that warm knuckle cake you promised me?

Shasta ~ We will get to that in just a few minutes. It would be hard for you to answer my questions with your mouth full of food, but here is your milk, fresh from the cow, just as you requested.

Jackel ~ Humph, Okay. But there had better be some cake waiting for me after the interview or I will put a hex on this place. You know us, Brownies don't like people goin' back on their promises.

Shasta ~ Yes, Jackel. I am very well aware of that, but our mortal audience doesn't know anything about Brownies. We were hoping you could enlighten them with your vast knowledge.

Jackel~ Well, I have had a lot of experience. You learn more than you want to know about everything when you have lived over one thousand years. What do you want to know?

Shasta ~ All right. Here is your first question. How big is a Brownie?

Jackel ~ Ha! Ha! That is a good one. Most Brownies are small. They prefer it that way so they can go undetected when they are in a mortal's home. They don't want mortals to see 'em and start asking 'em to do more chores. Then you have my type of Brownie. We help the farmers out in the field with their crops. We can be any size we choose, like most fairies, but our average height is about four foot.

Shasta~ That is very interesting. Now can you tell us what kind of magic does a Brownie do, Jackel?

Jackel ~ We do so many things that is very hard to answer. We like to make things and keep things tidy. As Brownies we have the magical power to get things done in the blink of an eye. We can be very helpful if treated properly. Speaking of being treated properly, how about a piece of that cake you promised me?

Shasta ~ Just a bite, then I have another question for you. Here you go.

Jackel ~ Mmmm, That is so good! Let's get on to the next question so I can have it all.

Shasta ~ You can have it all when we have finished the interview. Remember, that is what we agreed on.

Jackel ~ Humph! Ask 'em then, while I drink my milk.

Shasta ~ If your magic is to help people, then why would anyone be afraid of you?

Jackel ~ Because, if we don't get our payment like for example cake, or are treated badly, then we become very angry and very dangerous. We have many hexes and tricks that we use on anyone or anything that pisses us off. I am not allowed to tell you exactly what they are. It is forbidden by the  Brownie vow. 

Shasta ~ One last question before we end. Can you give the mortals out there a description of yourself? 

Jackel ~ Why of course, if it will get me my cake. I am covered with matted brown fur. My eyes are narrow, yellow and slanted. I have arms that are as long as my legs, so I can grab ya quickly if I want to. I usually wear a pointed hat which covers my pointed ears and a long sleeved jacket with a belt.
My shoes vary with my work.

Shasta ~ Oh thank you Jackel! That was an excellent description. I'm sure all of the mortals out there in blog land can now picture you perfectly.

Jackel ~ Yes, I am quite accomplished in the art of description. Now, about that cake and I do hope you have more of that milk, warm from the cow, ready for me too.

Shasta ~ Tisk, tisk, Jackel. You have forgotten your manners. As soon as you say goodbye to our guests you can have all of the cake and milk you desire.

Jackel ~ Humph! Well then, Goodbye to all of you mortals out there. You should really just go read the book. You know the one that I star in, Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth, and then I wouldn't have to explain everything to ya. I'm goin' to eat my cake now. Then take a little nap before I go home. So don't bother me anymore.

Shasta ~ Thank you Jackel. That was sooo much fun. If any of you has a question for Jackel please post it in the comments below, but you might want to leave some cake and milk with your question. browniescanbesotempermental. 

Monday, September 9, 2013



It is time to play a game. Can you tell me what color Luna's hair is? You can answer in the comments below. Everyone to post the right answer here and on Author C.L. Collar's fb page will be in a drawing for a special surprise Gift. The game ends Wednesday with the posting of a new "Meet the Fairy" interview.
 Having Fun in Fey!